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Welcome to the new site for Seal Team 11. We're still migrating some information over from the old site so, please bare with us.

  • DEVGRU / SEAL Team Eleven

    Naval Special Warfare Development Group, otherwise known as 'DEVGRU' or 'SEAL Team 11', is a Counter Terrorism unit administered by US Naval Special Warfare Command. An elite within an elite, the unit is made up of SEALs selected from existing SEAL Teams. DEVGRU is considered a 'Tier One' special mission unit on a par with the Army's Delta Force. SEAL Team Eleven is under operational command of JSOC.

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  • Upcoming Events

    • 26 August 2019 12:30 AM
      Please have your gear setup and be ready to deploy at 2030 hours. Air transport has been arranged and will not wait for anyone who might arrive late. See your fire-team lead with any questions.
      Blue TL- CDR Wall
      Red TL- MCPO Cooper
      3 Going
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