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Orientation (OPNAVINST 1)

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 Orientation (OPNAVINST 1)

I.      Introduction to SEAL Team 11.

A. Topics to be discussed in orientation.

     1. Mission and Organization.

     2. Customs and Courtesies.

     3. Policies and Procedures.

     4. Conclusion.


II.   Organization of SEAL Team 11.

A. Introduction to the unit.

  1. SEAL Team – Unit used by the United States Navy comprised of approximately 300 personnel, for a wide spectrum of special operations.

  2. The teams consists of several platoons, which are then broken down into function specific squads and teams.

  • a. 1st Platoon is our designation, and is comprised of our entire unit.
  • b. 1st Platoon also includes the Operations, Admin, Logistics, Intel, and Training personnel.
  • c. 1st Platoon is then divided as needed to meet mission requirements into either 8-man squads, 4-man fire-teams, or into 2-man reconnaissance teams.


III. Customs and Courtesies.

A. Customs

  1. The “uniform” of SEAL Team 11 is your tag. Whether in game or in Teamspeak they should always be on correctly. Rank and then name such as (PO1 Frogman).

  2. Addressing other members of the NAVSPECWARGRU One.

  • a. E-3 and below are typically addressed just by their last name without their rank.
  • b. E-4/5/6 will be addressed as PO3, PO2, PO1, or Petty Officer 3rd/2nd/1st Class or by rank and name.
  • c. E-7/8/9 will be addressed as Chief, Senior Chief, or Master Chief or by rank and name.
  • d. Officers of any grade will be addressed as Sir, or by rank and name. 
  • e. The Navy’s birthday is 13 October 1775, and a celebratory function is held every year to celebrate the occasion.
  • f. Non-NCO – Seaman Recruit, Seaman Apprentice,         and Seaman.
  • g. NCO’s (Non-Commissioned Officers) – Petty Officers 3rd/2nd/1st Class.
  • h. SNCO’s (Senior Non-Commissioned Officers) – Any Chief Petty Officer.
  • i. Junior Officers – Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Lieutenant, and Lieutenant Commander.
  • j. Senior Officers – Commander and Captain.

B. Courtesies

  1. Officers of any grade should be addressed as “Sir” or their rank.

  2. Sounding “Attention on Deck” should be done for Commanders (O5) and above when they enter a Teamspeak channel that you may be in. “Carry On” is the command then given to resume normal activity.

  3. Saluting is only authorized during awards and ceremonial formations. Saluting in a combat environment is unauthorized and will be dictated by commanders in the AO.


IV. Policies and Procedures.

A. Zero tolerance hacking or cheating.

B. Teamspeak. Keep it clean in public areas. Take chatting to a private channel.

C. Forums. No advertising, porn, or flaming. Keep the language clean as the forums are a professional area.

D. Servers. Public and Private servers, there is a difference.

  1. The public server is our primary tool for recruiting and relaxed play. All policies and procedures still apply.

  2. The private server is for organized team play or training sessions.



C. Wall

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