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When a teammate goes down: Best Practices



When a teammate goes down: Best Practices

ACE Medical Menu

By default, you can access the ACE medical menu by pressing H. It will give a detailed self-diagnostic as to your status. Looking at another player and pressing H will provide the same interface but it will show the vitals of the player you were looking at.

On the Battlefield

  1. What should you do if a teammate suffers an injury on the battlefield?
  2. Announce to your nearby teammates that you have a man down. Specify who has been hit (This is helpful for the team leader) using the radio if possible.
  3. Eliminate the threat before retrieving or treating the wounded.
  4. Deploy smoke if no usable cover is available for treating the patient.
  5. Before treatment, test the patient’s responsiveness and heart rate by using ACE interaction and looking at his head, the check responsiveness option will appear. If he does not respond and has no heart rate, he is KIA. If he is responsive and/or has a heart rate, move to the next step.
  6. Get the wounded into as safe a position as possible, do not put yourself at unnecessary risk. Note that if you are not the one patching the patient up, provide security instead.
  7. Apply tourniquets/CAT to any bleeding limb, and stop all bleeding.
  8. Prioritize bigger wounds first in your treatment. Call for assistance in treating the patient if there are too many wounds for you alone to treat.
  9. Once bleeding has been stopped, remove any tourniquets.
  10. Check heart rate. If low, do not apply morphine as you risk inducing cardiac arrest. If normal or high, apply morphine. (Also note that pain will vanish after 5-10 in game minutes).
  11. If the patient is not yet conscious, apply epinephrine.
  12. If the patient has lost lots of blood, apply IV treatment. If this is impossible, call for the medic to do so.
  13. Once the medic arrives, inform him of what treatment is needed and specifically for which patient.


Sources and Reference Material

  1. https://beowulfso.com/wiki/ACE3_Advanced_Medical_System


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