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Good work team on capturing the courier alive. He has provided valuable intel on Las Serpientes and their operation. Intel gathered from him has provided a high priority hostage rescue mission. 3 Chemist visiting the area for a conference were abducted 2 days ago. The courier has provided us with a location of the safe house they are being stored at in Verto. The safe house happens to be located near a warehouse where raw materials for processing are held. Our primary objective is to free the 3 chemist who were taken captive. It is imperative we rescue them within the next 24 hours before they are moved deeper into the country and we lose track of them. We do not expect much resistance at the safe house, 3 - 5 guards with a few roamers in the surrounding area. However, with the storage warehouse so close, we can expect a QRF within 5-10 minutes of any gunfire. Once you have secured the hostages you are cleared hot to eliminate all opposition and destroy the storage warehouse. This should greatly hamper Las Serpentes production in the region. Once contact is made, it is expected a larger force of militia and cartel soldiers will arrive within 30-45 minutes. We cannot afford to be pulled into a drawn out engagement, especially with an unknown number of enemy combatants. If a large number of reinforcements arrive you are to break contact and RTB immediately.

For this mission we will have two teams. A small assault team to rescue the hostages and a larger assault team to provide overwatch and conduct the main raid on the storage warehouse

Be advised Las Serpentes lieutenants are rumored to be operating in the region. They wear distinctive ballistic masks. If found, efforts should be made to bring them in alive. If they are killed, retriever their ballistic mask and gather any intel you can off of them. Pictures to follow, via our intel channel.

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