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  2. General operations for the new S.O.G. Prairie Fire DLC.
  3. General operations utilizing the S.O.G. Prairie Fire DLC.
  4. General operations for the new S.O.G. Prairie Fire DLC.
  5. General operations for the new S.O.G. Prairie Fire DLC.
  6. General operations for the new S.O.G. Prairie Fire DLC.
  7. General operations for the new S.O.G. Prairie Fire DLC.
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    General OP Night. MCC generated mission(s).
  9. Cooper

    OP Rogue Spear: Haystack

    Now that we have seen an increase in hostile activity in the region it is necessary that we conduct reconnaissance operations to locate and record enemy positions and equipment in the area. Conduct recon operations in the AO and report back any intelligence acquired. Do not engage unless absolutely necessary to prevent any disruption in their day to day operations. OBJs: 1. Locate and report any enemy activity in the AO.
  10. until
    The group responsible for the housing of the hostages from the Maersk Batur have now seized control of the local TV station in Abramia to broadcast their propaganda for a new world order. They refer to their leader only as "генеральный" (The General) who is seeking to claim vast areas of the former Soviet Bloc and surrounding area. There are unknown amounts of fighters in the AO, and it is expected there are civilians still on site being held captive. OBJs: 1. Locate and extract any captives. 2. Eliminate any hostiles in the area. 3. Minimize damage to the facility.
  11. until
    Intel: Based on the latest IMGINT of the AO enemy movements have been spotted along with at least one vehicle mounted ZSU-23 AA platform, it is unknown if this is the only AAA capable weapon in the area. We need the assets destroyed to maintain current flight operations before they can establish any form of AAA network. It is likely that the hostile forces will have setup an encampment nearby to man all of the equipment, and it should also be taken care of. OBJs: Locate and destroy SAM/AAA unit. Locate and eliminate enemy encampment in the area.
  12. until
    Intel was received that another one of the hostages, Bill Murphy, from the Maersk Batur is being held in the region to conduct research. Locate and extract the hostage, eliminate any hostiles. OBJs: 1. Locate holding area of hostages and eliminate any hostiles as needed. 2. Rescue hostages.
  13. Cooper

    OP: Sea Titan

    Sometime yesterday at approximately 1600 hours local time the container ship Maersk Batur was intercepted along its course to its destination of Veracruz, Mexico in the North Atlantic Ocean between the islands of Sahrani and the island of Horta that is part of the Portuguese Azores by an unknown group, possibly west African pirates from the area of Morocco. The situation is still fluid and evolving at this time. So far what we do know is that there are several American engineers on board that were booking passage back to the United States, but were unable to fly commercial due to the current pandemic. The Batur's last port of call was Bremerhaven, Germany, where the engineers were conducting joint research with our German counterparts. Intel has provided us with the hostages information as well. The group are part of a research and development team that specialize in ballistic missile delivery systems and guidance technology from both the private sector defense contractors, as well as some US government appointed members. Included in the group is also an analyst from the state department, Jack Ryan, who is the group coordinator, and also our primary target as Ryan will have most if not all of the sensitive information, and we don't want him in enemy hands. At this time we are tasked with seizing the vessel and rescuing the Americans that are being held captive. Maersk would like their ship back in one piece, so lets try to avoid scuttling it at all costs. The last known location based on satellite imagery showed the vessel along the northern coast of Sahrani nearest to a small cove that is likely to shallow for the vessel to enter. It is unknown if the engineers were the target, or if they were just on the wrong taxi back to the states. We don't have an exact number of expected hostiles, but given the track record for these groups, we estimate approximately 10-20 hostiles on the vessel itself. We currently have no intel of any other groups that may be local to Sahrani, or why they have stopped the ship there. OBJs: Take control of Maersk Batur and eliminate any hostiles. Rescue American hostages on board.
  14. Cooper

    OP: Greenhouse

    Raid on local militia training camp in the region. UOD: AOR2/MC
  15. Cooper

    OP Ronin: Green Viper

    Intel suggests there is a HVT (Misfar el-Saeed) possessing information regarding our recent downed aircraft situation. The location of the HVT has been narrowed down to a local region. We need to recover el-Saeed for questioning and debrief. Information obtained could lead to discovery of deeper activity in the area., OBJs: 1. Locate HVT 2. Secure/Extract HVT
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