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  1. Cooper

    OP Ronin: Green Viper

    Intel suggests there is a HVT (Misfar el-Saeed) possessing information regarding our recent downed aircraft situation. The location of the HVT has been narrowed down to a local region. We need to recover el-Saeed for questioning and debrief. Information obtained could lead to discovery of deeper activity in the area., OBJs: 1. Locate HVT 2. Secure/Extract HVT
  2. Cooper

    OP Ronin: Red Alamo

    State Department intelligence assets have been monitoring communications between cells of Las Serpientes and other terror groups in the area of Lingor. It seems that what was initially deemed benign chest thumping has escalated into a credible threat. Several rival groups that were at odds with each other after we eliminated key leadership members have banded together and intend on attacking an embassy in the area. Several intercepted communications make mentions of striking back at a western superpower and their inspiration for the upcoming attack seems to be the 1983 Beruit Bombings. Based on this intel, SEAL Team 11 has been ordered to secure the embassy. The Department of Defense has already alerted the Marine Security Guard detail assigned to the embassy and they are beefing up their defenses now. Our mission will be to insert and provide additional security while also working to secure or destroy any sensitive classified information. Additionally we are tasked with evacuating as many of the US citizens working in a civilian capacity at the embassy. It goes without saying that the United States does not want a repeat of the attacks in Beruit or Benghazi. While we are going in to get our people out, we are not there for diplomacy and peace and any hostile actions toward the embassy should be met with swift violence. OBJs: 1. Locate and escort embassy staff out. 2. Destroy sensitive information.
  3. Cooper

    OP Ronin: Ocean Titan

    Sometime yesterday at approximately 1600 hours local time the container ship Maersk Batur was intercepted along its course to its destination of Veracruz, Mexico in the North Atlantic Ocean between the islands of Sahrani and the island of Horta that is part of the Portuguese Azores by an unknown group, possibly west African pirates from the area of Morocco. The situation is still fluid and evolving at this time. So far what we do know is that there are several American engineers on board that were booking passage back to the United States, but were unable to fly commercial due to the current pandemic. The Batur's last port of call was Bremerhaven, Germany, where the engineers were conducting joint research with our German counterparts. Intel has provided us with the hostages information as well. The group are part of a research and development team that specialize in ballistic missile delivery systems and guidance technology from both the private sector defense contractors, as well as some US government appointed members. Included in the group is also an analyst from the state department, Jack Ryan, who is the group coordinator, and also our primary target as Ryan will have most if not all of the sensitive information, and we don't want him in enemy hands. At this time we are tasked with seizing the vessel and rescuing the Americans that are being held captive. Maersk would like their ship back in one piece, so lets try to avoid scuttling it at all costs. The last known location based on satellite imagery showed the vessel along the northern coast of Sahrani nearest to a small cove that is likely to shallow for the vessel to enter. It is unknown if the engineers were the target, or if they were just on the wrong taxi back to the states. We don't have an exact number of expected hostiles, but given the track record for these groups, we estimate approximately 10-20 hostiles on the vessel itself. We currently have no intel of any other groups that may be local to Sahrani, or why they have stopped the ship there. OBJs: 1. Take control of Maersk Batur and eliminate any hostiles. 2. Rescue American hostages on board.
  4. until
    The trees have been talkin' shit... *Test run on our new, Vietnam inspired map.
  5. Cooper

    OP Ronin: Steel Hammer

    Based on the intel analyzed and recovered from the crash site wreckage and the pilot's debriefing we have gathered more information regarding the AA unit that was in the area. It is a Russian made ZSU-23-4 (Shilka) self propelled, radar guided, anti aircraft gun that the cartels were able to acquire through black market trading. We're fairly confident that it was delivered on the Zapolyarnyy freighter that we destroyed several weeks back prior to locating the narcotics shipment. It would also account for the cartel to use a container ship to transport various products as opposed to more traditional narco methods. The status of the Shilka is unknown other than some satellite imagery of it in movement to another area deeper inland, but we have been tasked to destroy it while flight operations are still suspended.
  6. Cooper

    OP Ronin: Fallen Star

    We've been tapped for a search and rescue. The Navy's been flying sorties against rebel positions from airbases in the region. Last night, the bad guys got lucky with a SAM and took out one of our aircraft. The pilot bailed out before impact, and we're unsure if the rebels picked them up shortly after they activated their beacons. If they're being held for interrogation it will be somewhere in the area near the crash site. Your job is to go in and bring them back out alive. Recon photos show the aircraft is still largely intact but heavily guarded. If it's possible to plant a demo charge and blow the aircraft, do it, but don't jeopardize your main mission. The type of SAM that was used is still unknown at this time, and sorties into the area have been halted until the threat is identified. OBJs: 1. Locate and secure pilot. 2. Destroy crashed aircraft.
  7. Cooper

    OP Ronin: La Vida Loca

    Excellent work taking out the drug shipment. Surveillance of the recovery operations have identified some high level Las Serpientes lieutenants on sight supervising the recovery and assessing damage. Your primary objective is the capture of the transport van, as it is collecting what remains of the shipment and will hopefully provide us with intel on their primary storage facility. The dockyard is on lockdown with heavy tactical units providing security. It is advised you wait for the van to leave the area and ambush it somewhere discrete. It is unknown where it will head, so ensure both entrances of the dockyard are covered. It also appears there were several well-armed Russian PMC operatives on the vessel you sank. We have intel going through their recovered phones and facial recognition databases to identify where they fit within the Las Serpientes operation. UOD: AOR2 Garrison/Multicam Tropic Primary Objective: 1. Capture the Las Serpientes van and hack the GPS to identify their storage facility 2. Raid and destroy the storage facility Target Vehicle and 2 Las Serpientes Lt's. Police barricade at secondary dockyard entrance Police barricade at primary dockyard entrance Unidentified Russian PMCs who were onboard the transport vessel
  8. Cooper

    OP Ronin: Dark Water

    Briefing: Good work clearing out the growing fields last mission. Based on the intel you gathered we’ve been able to piece together Las Serpientes current trafficking route and shipment schedule. A recently docked container ship was listed in one of the documents you secured and ISR analysis has shown increased activity that leads command to believe this is the ship we are looking for. A small convoy was spotted earlier this morning leaving the dockyard and heading into the jungle. We believe this is where they are processing and sorting the drug shipments to be distributed throughout the Las Serpientes network. ROE: Any armed individuals at the power station and dockyard should be considered hostile. The dockyard is guarded by a light force of local police on the Las Serpientes payroll. Analysts suggest that several QRFs may be stationed nearby to respond to any activities that occur at the dockyard, so be prepared for their arrival in the event an alarm is triggered. Your objectives are to secure and destroy any drugs at the dockyard and eliminate a nearby drug storage area in the jungle. Primary Objective: 1. Alpha Team – Infiltrate and knock out power at the power station 2. Bravo Team – Infiltrate the dockyard to locate and secure any drug caches. a. Upon exfil the caches should be destroyed 3. Alpha and Bravo Team – Locate and destroy the drug processing facility in the jungle Power Station Dock Yard Garrison: AOR2; UOD: Multicam Tropic
  9. until
    Op Ronin 7/17 Intel - Mission Objective: Primary Objective: Assault and destroy a drug production facility. Secondary Objective: Conduct sensitive site exploitation for any intelligence. SSE should include documents, computers, phones, and pictures of enemy combatants. The HVT you grabbed last mission who coordinated the ambush against the CIA convoy you were traveling in has provided valuable intel on the drug production operations in the area. He has identified a key growing field that was well hidden within the mountains. Our primary objective is to locate and destroy this production facility. It is b believed there will be sensitive intelligence at this site, so SSE should be conducted and all items returned for analysis. Upon completing SSE the site should be destroyed and the growing fields burned.
  10. Cooper

    OP: Ronin- Lythium

    Location: Lythium Based on the intel gathered, from the black box on the cargo plane, we have tracked drug shipments coming in from the tribal areas of Afghanistan. ISA assets in the region have identified a local contact who can provide more details on the Las Serpentines operation and a safehouse that should have more information on their local operations
  11. Cooper

    OP: Ronin

    After several days of work our intel section was able to crack the phone recovered off of Soliz-Leiva. After sorting through the data as a result of the phone dump we have gathered some very highly valuable intel regarding their distribution chain. It appears that the cartel is using both private and civilian planes and airliners to distribute product across the globe. We can confirm there is a scheduled delivery to an unknown location around Lingor for 19 JUN 2020 at an unknown time. I have been authorized by higher to authorize low level reconnaissance operations in the area to identify the hub that may be used for their air traffic. We do know they are moving product by air, but with several airfields throughout region we must conduct recon and intel gathering ops in the area prior to the target date above.
  12. Cooper

    OP: Ronin

    Good work team on capturing the courier alive. He has provided valuable intel on Las Serpientes and their operation. Intel gathered from him has provided a high priority hostage rescue mission. 3 Chemist visiting the area for a conference were abducted 2 days ago. The courier has provided us with a location of the safe house they are being stored at in Verto. The safe house happens to be located near a warehouse where raw materials for processing are held. Our primary objective is to free the 3 chemist who were taken captive. It is imperative we rescue them within the next 24 hours before they are moved deeper into the country and we lose track of them. We do not expect much resistance at the safe house, 3 - 5 guards with a few roamers in the surrounding area. However, with the storage warehouse so close, we can expect a QRF within 5-10 minutes of any gunfire. Once you have secured the hostages you are cleared hot to eliminate all opposition and destroy the storage warehouse. This should greatly hamper Las Serpentes production in the region. Once contact is made, it is expected a larger force of militia and cartel soldiers will arrive within 30-45 minutes. We cannot afford to be pulled into a drawn out engagement, especially with an unknown number of enemy combatants. If a large number of reinforcements arrive you are to break contact and RTB immediately. For this mission we will have two teams. A small assault team to rescue the hostages and a larger assault team to provide overwatch and conduct the main raid on the storage warehouse Be advised Las Serpentes lieutenants are rumored to be operating in the region. They wear distinctive ballistic masks. If found, efforts should be made to bring them in alive. If they are killed, retriever their ballistic mask and gather any intel you can off of them. Pictures to follow, via our intel channel.
  13. Cooper

    OP: Ronin

    Location: Lingor
  14. Cooper

    OP: Ronin

    Map: Kerema Isle
  15. Cooper

    MCC Event

    This will be somewhat of a more casual event. We're planning to hop in and spin up some missions/objectives via MCC. We're open to suggestions/input from anyone who attends. We look forward to seeing you there.
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